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Health is being free of pain, stress, and disease. To become or stay healthy one must look at one's body wholelistically. If the mind, body and spirit are healthy and in harmony, pain, stress and disease will cease to affect us. At "Creative Healing" we believe alternative methods of healing allows one to take control of their lives by assisting ones own body to heal itself. With a "Wholelistic" approach emphasizing "Preventive" & "Rehabilitative" techniques, we feel anyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Michael Woolsey, Owner


Practioner of Structural Integration (after Dr. Ida Rolf) * Injury & Rehabilitation Therapist * Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage * Ballet and Tai-Chi Instructor.

Michael is a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist specializing in deep-tissue therapy. He works with chronic pain, stress, muscle fatigue, and recovery from past injury or trauma. A few of the techniques he uses include: Structural Integration, Connective Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, & Movement/Stretch Therapy.

Coming from a professional ballet career and years of experience teaching, choreographing, and directing, moving into bodywork was an easy transition for me. I trained initially with a Rolfer and have studied with many techniques from teachers like John Latz, John Barnes, Michael Young, Bennie Vaughn, James Hacket, and Robert King. Through experience with clients suffering from various problems, I developed my own style and technique.

When there is trauma or injury to a muscle, the result is adhesions and scar tissue in the fibers of the muscle. This results in a shortened muscle. I apply specific deep tissue techniques to help break up these adhesions and scar tissue to give my clients relief from their pain. I then apply a technique that I call the "Muscle Release Technique" to lengthen the muscle and relieve the pulling of the muscle on the attachment site. I started using this technique on my clients suffering from chronic pain syndromes. The results have been remarkable. The deep tissue work I do brakes up scar tissue and gives the client temporary relief. Using the Muscle Release Technique, I not only break up scar tissue, I lengthen the muscle.

This results in more flexibility, no more nerve impingement and no more pain. By using this technique regularly, the muscle memory is restored and most pain sufferers get permanent relief.

The one thing that I consider most important is that flexibility is the key to most chronic pain problems. I am always interested in learning new ways of working with clients to stay healthy. After years of dancing and working with my own body, I can understand how exercise and flexability keep resistance to stress and disease at a strong level. A tight muscle can be very weak and offer virtually no protection for a joint. A tight muscle is an inefficient muscle. It's prone to injury because you can't move it fast enough or position yourself well enough to avoid trauma or effects of overuse. It tracks rigidly and has a limited range of movement. Power is the combination of strength and flexibility."

If flexibility is the cure for all these afflictions, then a lack of flexibility must be the cause. Is it possible that this could be true? You bet it is! However, if you have some of these afflictions, it takes more than just simple stretching to break up the adhesions and scar tissue that have formed. That is where the Muscle Release Technique is so effective, profoundly effective.

I teach Ballet & Tai Chi, work with clients using stretching techniques, meditation, and  anything I can to help them improve. Offering herbs, vitamins and supplements, and other health products helps me provide other ways to improve a clients way of life. 

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